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Operational messages
06-06-2023 15:38 Today we will install ekstra login server. At 23.00 danish time hotels will be disconnected shortly 10 minutes. To test new login server
02-06-2023 22:05 WE are 723 hoteluser login just now. All hotel should hav full speed now.
02-06-2023 21:07 We are live now. Please remember now 2000 hotelusers try to login at the same time. Login will be slow the 1-2 hour. Sorry for the disturbuense. We will inform about the incident next week.
02-06-2023 21:04 We are still starting servers and services. I will write again at 21.30. Sorry this does not goes fast...
02-06-2023 20:26 One of the Kemp serves are live. We need to start other servers servers also. I expect to write again at 21.00 DK time
02-06-2023 19:27 Sorry We still moves Kemp. Copy are very slow. Might take 1 hour
02-06-2023 18:15 We still moves damaged Kemp server to other SAN place. Might take 1 hour
02-06-2023 17:32 The issue are not soved. We are still working moving damaged Kemp server to orther SAN place. Might take 1 hour. Please use the backup arrival files laying at your bookingmail for checkin
02-06-2023 16:25 Our technical staff are resolving the server issue. Please wait for an update at 17:00 Danish Time
02-06-2023 16:22 Some users may have difficulty logging in or get stuck on the Windows welcome screen. Please log off and check this information page for updates or wait 15mins
02-06-2023 16:17 We are experiencing some connectivity issues. Our technical staff is working to resolve the issue now